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Robinson & McElwee Helps Clients Achieve Legislative Goals with Far-Reaching Benefits for the State

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April 4, 2016

Robinson & McElwee Attorney-Lobbyist, Edward J. George, and Government Relations Liaison, Karen Price, finished the 2016 Legislative Session with multiple victories for firm clients which will ultimately bring more business, jobs, and revenue into the State of West Virginia. 

Lobbying on behalf of business and industry interests in West Virginia, the firm provides clients with innovative and comprehensive solutions for regulatory and legislative issues.  Focusing on proactive interaction with key policymakers and individual advocacy strategies, the firm’s 2016 legislative successes included:

  • Retail Sale of Fireworks: legalizes the retail sale of fireworks in the State. West Virginia’s benefit from House Bill 2852 is twofold: increased job opportunities and additional tax revenue. The tax revenue, expected to bring millions of dollars to the State, will fund West Virginia Veterans facilities and Volunteer Fire Departments.
  • Sunday “Brunch” Legislation: rolls back the serving time for beverage alcohol and allows restaurants, resorts, and hotels to begin selling drinks at 10:00 am on Sundays. These businesses will now be opening earlier, which means additional income for workers and an increase in tax revenue to the State (without increasing existing, or incurring new, taxes).
  • Unfair Trade Practices Act: prevents predatory pricing of products, particularly gasoline, and maintains competition in the market economy. This ensures that West Virginia-owned businesses can be competitive, profitable and maintain, if not increase, employee workforces in the State. Robinson & McElwee acted on behalf of gasoline retailers and convenience store operators to ensure that Senate Bill 259 was enacted.
  • Vapor Tax Legislation: successfully blocked legislation that would have hurt, if not killed, the vapor industry in the State. As part of a growing industry which helps smokers transition away from the use of tobacco products, more vapor-related businesses are expected to open, resulting in increased job opportunities for West Virginians and additional revenue for the State.

About Robinson & McElwee

Robinson & McElwee’s practice is multifaceted and includes corporate law, environmental law, litigation, natural resources law, labor and employment law, utility law, bankruptcy, commercial real estate development, state and local taxation, estate planning and administration, commercial transactions and government relations.

The firm’s Government Relations Practice Group, which ranks as one of the most influential lobbying firms in the State of West Virginia by The Southern Political Report magazine, represents public utilities, including the solid waste landfill, transfer, hauling and recycling industries; oil and natural gas companies; the trucking transportation industry; beverage alcohol manufacturers (including spirits and wine manufacturers and importers); legalized gaming; pyrotechnics distributors and retailers; steel manufacturers; contractors; physicians; various trade associations; and real estate developers.