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Robinson & McElwee Sponsors Award-Winning Biographer Jean Edward Smith’s Lecture on Dwight D. Eisenhower

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February 24, 2013
On March 17 award-winning biographer Jean Edward Smith will be discussing the subject of his newest book, Dwight D. Eisenhower. Smith has been called “today’s foremost biographer of formidable figures in American history.” He is a visiting scholar at Columbia University and previously was on the faculty at Marshall University. He has written several books including best-selling biographies of John Marshall, Ulysses S. Grant (a 2002 Pulitzer Prize finalist), and Franklin Delano Roosevelt. Mr. Smith’s lecture is the first in a series of four lectures as part of the West Virginia Humanities Council’s program, The 2013 Little Lecture Series. Robinson and McElwee is proud to sponsor this cultural event. For more details regarding the lecture series and The West Virginia Humanities Council please visit the Council’s website.