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Coal is a mainstay of the West Virginia economy and despite national efforts to reduce its use, the coal industry is likely to remain a dominant force in the state.

West Virginia’s high-value supplies of steam and metallurgical coal are far from exhausted and will be in demand for the foreseeable future.

Robinson & McElwee attorneys are familiar with the industry in all its forms and have experience with reserve purchases, leasing, title work, due diligence, transportation and environmental compliance.

Robinson & McElwee’s offices sit in close proximity to West Virginia’s coal fields, and the firm has the dedicated and experienced group to serve the needs of the Mountain State’s coal industry, as well as coal-related legal matters that span state borders.

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Douglas C. McElwee

The coal industry is under assault on all sides, from denial of permits to citizen suits alleging permit violations. Robinson & McElwee has experience with NPDES permitting, Clean Water Act Section 404 permits, water quality standards, and other environmental challenges. We have analyzed the cutting-edge area of the new source-review program and the requirements of air pollution control permits for greenhouse gas emissions from coal mines. We have also done environmental due diligence for coal property sales.

Coal properties are frequently acquired and divested. Our attorneys have extensive experience with the title work and lease negotiation that is a necessary part of these transactions. We are familiar with the intricacies and peculiarities of property transfers in West Virginia as they affect coal lands and interests.

Coal-laden trains and barges are familiar sights in West Virginia. Robinson & McElwee attorneys have represented some of the largest coal docks in the state and are familiar with coal transportation and storage, contracts and agreements for coal sales and handling.

Our attorneys are well-experienced in representing employers in workers’ compensation and federal black lung claims against coal industry employers. We have handled hundreds of cases involving orthopedic injuries, hearing loss claims and occupational pneumoconiosis claims in state cases, and federal black lung claims filed with the Department of Labor.

Cost-effective workers’ compensation defense begins with determining the validity of claims and likely outcomes. Robinson & McElwee attorneys are skilled at evaluating claims and helping clients evaluate which are valid and which should be aggressively defended.

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